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8 Not to Miss Range Features

Posted on June 12, 2017

Not to Miss Range features

When it comes to today’s kitchen ranges, there is such a wide range (get it!) of features it’s easy to miss a few. But as your appliance expert, I am here to help. I’ve got the top eight not to miss range features from today’s wide array of ranges for your kitchen. {Warning: This article contains range features you might never know you needed or wanted until you read it. If that happens, visit a BrandSource store and we can help find you the perfect range for your wish list.}

1. Temperature Probe

Is perfectly cooked meat important to you? When it comes to making sure you’ve cooked your roast beef, ham, turkey, or lamb properly nothing beats an oven safe accurate temperature probe. This will help ensure your meal is cooked to perfection. To read more about temperature probes in today’s ranges, see our helpful article here.

2. The Warming Drawer

Also called the cookie drawer, did I get your attention? I said cookies. Not only for storing your cookie sheets and pots, warming drawers are very helpful for hosting and entertaining crowds. They can not only ensure appetizers and plates stay warm, but can slow cook meat, dry fruit, and more.

Warming drawer

3. Steam for Cooking and Cleaning

Steam is a lean mean fighting machine. Not only does steam cooking have many health benefits, but the power of steam can also get ovens (and other appliances) clean too. The following previous articles will tell you everything there is to know about steam in appliances.

Now You’re Cooking with Steam

The Power of Steam in Your Laundry, Cooking, Dishwasher

4. Dual Fuel Cooking

Say that three times fast! Fast being one of the big advantages to Dual Fuel ranges, offering up more control and more consistent cook times by combining a gas cooktop and a conventional self-clean electric oven. Check out this helpful article to learn more on the advantages of a dual fuel range.

5. Hidden Bake Element

This handy space saving feature provides more room inside the range (hello Thanksgiving turkey!) by placing the heating element under the oven floor rather than being easily visible. In addition to the space saving, it also helps with oven cleaning.

6. Double Oven

Double trouble a double range is not. The increased flexibility of heating appetizers in one oven while slow-cooking a pot roast in the other means being the host with the most just got a lot easier. Double ovens are very popular in professional series. If you’re wondering if a professional range is for you, check out this helpful article featuring our Pro-Series Range wish list.

Range with Double Oven

7. Front Controls

Front controls, like those offered by Whirlpool and GE, help give your kitchen a big on trend makeover by only replacing the range. Removing the backguard and giving the streamlined appearance of built-ins, these ranges offer up both style and functionality in droves.

8. Bridge Element

Think your range comes with four elements? There could be a fifth element, and even Bruce Willis would enjoy it. It’s called a bridge element and helps you use two elements effectively with a larger cooking surface like a griddle. The bridge provides just that, a bridge of heat between the two elements so you aren’t left with a griddle that’s cold in the middle.

That’s it! Aren’t you excited to finally know about all these “not to miss” range features? Next time you shop for a range, make sure to ask for them!

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert

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